Friday, September 18, 2015

New Name, Same Makers

We are the Benevolent Order Of Makers! We play, experiment, design, sew, build, sculpt, weld, code, mentor, cook, tinker, and share... But you know all of this, because we're the same makers who began in 2010, as the Young Makers Club: Love & Rockets :: Art & Engineering!

October 3 & 4, Benevolent Order Of Makers will be exhibiting at Maker Faire San Diego, in Balboa Park! What a beautiful space, and an auspicious time for Balboa Park, as they celebrate their centennial year. Maker Faire will be Balboa Park's "fall signature centennial event!"

We are busy making and organizing for the Faire. It's fun and frantic! Maker Faire events are happening everywhere... Go to where the fun is being made. Visit and for details.  

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