Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Maker Faire San Diego in 3 Days

Here's the map... we're ready to go!

Almost ready.

A new post is up at the San Diego Maker Faire Blog, so you can make your plans for this much anticipated two day event. It's San Diego's first Maker Faire, and it's shaping up to be a great event. Two days, ten museums, crafting, drones, robots, cupcakes cars, food trucks... over 200 exhibitors! Some exhibits are free, and open to the public, just like any day in Balboa Park, but be sure and pick up some tickets so you can visit the museums and participate in the hands on activities!

Our Da Vinci Robot was already out for a dress rehearsal, and he was super. He drew a dolphin for the fifth grade class he was visiting. This skeleton is also known as Da Vinci 2.0, because originally he was only a hand, made out of drift wood and wire, and introduced in 2012.

And here is a sneak peak at Da Vinci 3.0! He's a wire sculpture, from head to foot, and nearly complete. Alex Van Valkenberg designed this new Da Vinci, and has been diligently bringing him to life. Soon, Da Vinci 3.0 will be at his desk and illustrating pictures for San Diego Maker Faire, and Balboa Park's Centennial celebration.

Here's a lovely depiction of a woman in 1915. Maria created her using Scratch, and then the image was put into Inkscape, so Da Vinci could make this drawing!

We have also been making new details to complete our Viking tent, which will be set up on the Federal Lawn, in Balboa Park. This dragon head is the the first half of a figured head for the top of the tent.

There's so much more to do and plan for. We are excited to be sharing some of the things we make, and to see what everyone else has been making, too. After all, this is the greatest show and tell on earth!

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