Thursday, April 7, 2011

Long Live Maker Faire! Yes, More Maker Faire!

**Originally posted at Chickenblog. Re-posted here with permission.**

I promise,  Love and Rockets will have original posts, but in the meantime, we have great material ready to be shared, so please enjoy some of the inspiration for our Young Makers Club!

I truly and sincerely love Maker Faire and all the great people we met there... and I want to share as much of their good works as I possibly can.

And I do this for free, for the love of education, science, art, family, expression, and sharing. I do not get paid. I do not advertise. This is Chickenblog, and I am just enthusiastic about stuff. And my house is a mess because of it, so please leave a comment, so my family will find this incredibly worthwhile and forgive me for neglecting them and our Bird House.

Hey, look it's Dave. He's got one of those funny "Herbie Mouse Bots from Solarbotics. The sensor in Herbie's nose leads him, like a mouse to cheese, toward light. Flashlight fun. Maker Faire fun.

Now really, I don't think I will ever recover from the amusement of seeing frosted cupcakes driving around, but what about the cake?

That's right, I went under the frosting to see what makes a cupcake move. And I will support any member of my family willing to design and build a cupcake mobile. They are too sweet.

I also approve of fire breathing dragons.
Somewhere at Maker Faire we saw the phrase: "Fun first. Safety third."
Okay. Just kidding.
But also, funny.
But seriously: Safety first.

When Saphira raised her head and did her fire thing, Sam de Rose and Alex Jacobson definitely had safety first in mind, and they kept everyone clear of Saphira's hot breath. As for us observers, it was totally fun!

At the controls, and monitoring the programming. I have so much faith in young people, students. They got it going on.

Geoff has some great slow-motion footage of Saphira breathing fire. We are going to post video soon.

Video will be great, because my words alone do little to describe the awesomeness of MondoSpider tap dancing her 1,200 pounds of steel across the fairgrounds. The mass. The coordination. The sound of her eight steel feet hitting the ground... marvelous! She really is a large, improbable, mechanical structure, built to explore our human relationship with energy.

"True to its mandate of "Energy Awareness Through Art", the eatART crew has implemented an electric drive-train in the Spider, making it the WORLD'S FIRST WALKING ELECTRIC VEHICLE!"
Plus, they were at Burning Man.


Do you like Do-It-Yourself?
Doing it your way, learning a new way?

If you need a plan, if you can share a plan, you may want to visit instructables They are an online community of do-it-yourself enthusiasts sharing ideas for making everything from a burger, to a moveable carport garden.

This is DIY-Awesome!

Also, it looks like they are hiring. Be sure to let us know if anything comes of this. Chickenblog has never found someone a job... it would be a cool first.

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