Thursday, April 7, 2011

For Love and Rockets

We will be attending our second Maker Faire, this coming May. I cannot wait. And I cannot wait to bring more people with us, to share the experience. We knew from our first visit that we would love to participate in Maker Faire, and now we have Love and Rockets! It's such a natural progression for us, a family that loves to design things, invent stuff, make things, fiddle around, tinker, take apart, reconstruct, experiment... we felt like we belonged to a larger family of like minded people when we were at the Maker Faire.

As much fun as we have making robots, sewing costumes, modifying NERF guns, building chicken coops, constructing sets, making optical effects with mirrors and lights, painting, modeling planets in 3D Studio, building giant theater screens, playing with yarn, and generally keeping everyone in stitches with good humor and love... yes, as much as we love all that, we also love seeing what all the other creative, talented and inspiring Make people are up to...

We cannot wait to meet new friends.

We are excited about the music, and the outfits, the unexpected sights around every corner.

I want to go back, so I can ride on this!

At Maker Faire we can participate in FabMo's plan to re-purpose designer fabrics, because "It's really true that one person's trash is another person's treasure."

For Arc Attack! And who wouldn't want to witness a rockin' Tesla coil visual musical concert?!

Would you like to hear me play the Doctor Who theme?

We want to meet up with fellow Young Makers Clubs members, like Tony DeRose...

and the Young Makers who designed and built Saphira! The fire breathing dragon.

I want to see Maria touch an Electric Giraffe!

The electric giraffe (aka 'Rave Raffe') is a shy, nocturnal creature of the Playa. It can sometimes be found roaming the streets of suburbia where it elicits awe amongst the spectators. Native of Southern California, the 'Raffe' can sometimes be coaxed further afield for special occasions. We hope you will be at Maker Faire, Raffe!

We hope R.O.S.E. will be at the Faire. Maria and her friend, the Reanimate Optimized Search Engine, had a very good time together. The League of S.T.E.A.M. are masterful in the art of creative play.

Perhaps we will have another visit with fellow SteamPunk artist and gentleman, Anthony Hicks.

Throughout the Maker Faire we found wonderful opportunities to meet and talk with talented, generous artists, inventors, tinkerers... like Jake von Slatt, of the Steampunk Workshop.

Look! It's a ping-pong an Original Egg-Bot! We will never run out of amazing projects and ideas we can aspire to try!

Last year we saw nearly everything... no, not really, but we tried.
The good thing is that however much we saw, we enjoyed it all. It's a pleasure to share in people's joy, in their pride for what they have made. It was never dull. There was no stress or pressure... just happy discoveries and inspiration wherever you look.

New perspectives. Fanciful expression. Grassroots energy. Green energy. High energy. Family fun. Legit.

And even a chance to enjoy our other Passion: FIRST Robotics, and FIRST 2102 Team Paradox! We met FIRST 1868 Space Cookies!

And hopefully, when we meet them in St Louis, we will be in the same alliance. You see, like FIRST 2102 Team Paradox, the Space Cookies are also Regional Engineering Inspiration Award winners! Go Space Cookies! Go Paradox!

Maria fell in love with a spacecraft. With The Hermes Space Shuttle. I love it when girls find a passion for science, math, and technology... for space exploration.

I love it when anyone finds inspiration, and support, to pursue their dreams, to play, think, make, explore... even to watch in wonder, and that is why we are returning to the Maker Faire.

We are going to Maker Faire, for Love

... and Rockets!


Yolo Makers Group said...

I'm so glad I found this! I love how you blog, and hope we get a chance to meet your family at the Maker Faire this year.

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Just looking at the pictures is amazing, I think I, as a commoner, it just boggles my mind, I can see why one gets exited about this fair.