Thursday, August 27, 2015

Make Plans For San Diego Maker Faire

Two applications... so far. We have been a very busy Make Club... just browse our archives to see everything we've been doing, from hosting a backyard mini make faire to making a Viking tent, and loads of crafting, sewing, wood working, tinkering, playing, forging... it goes on and on! We'd love to bring our drawing automaton, Da Vinci, to the Maker Faire in San Diego, as well as the project we call Giant Robotic Tentacle. I would love for all of our Make Club participants to join us at the Faire, to share projects. Hopefully our applications are accepted, and we find ourselves a sizable space for setting up. We know how things work in the Bay Area... but SD is new to us. If we can't get passes for all of our club participants, we strongly urge you to get yourselves tickets, because Maker Faires are great events, not to be missed! I'll keep you posted on our progress and plans, and please wish us luck with those applications!

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