Wednesday, August 26, 2015

CNC Router Sign Making

Frankenrouter is a success, thanks to Geoff and William. We have all been eagerly awaiting this day, and the prospect of all that can be done with a personally designed, manufactured, constructed and programmed CNC router, and now you too can see Frank N. Router at work. William made the 3D model using 3ds Max, Mudbox, and Meshmixer, all Autodesk software. Once the digital 3-d image was fine tuned, Geoff and William used MasterCam to generate G Code for the router... but, maybe you would just like to see the movie!

Besides designing the sign, and getting all the details figured out in the software, William painted the finished carving. The details, the shading... it looks fantastic. And finally, he put this video together. I am marveling at all of this, and he's already working on his next project(s).


Anonymous said...

This is so magical. William, were you influenced by our carousel ride in Balboa Park?

blueshift said...

I loved this very much. It's so inspirational to see a dream become reality. Thanks for sharing this
with us. Tom

Unknown said...

Nice project, thanks for sharing :)
I am thinking of making something like this for my wife and your version is one of the better ones I've seen. If you still have the 3D model, would you be willing to share or sell me a copy?
ksgg at telus dot net