Monday, October 22, 2012

Make Tombstone Progress

As we count down the days 'til our Halloween party, it's good to see the progression of William's work on the aged and weathered tombstones. He's kept at it for almost two years. And even when he ran into setbacks, he's been single-mindedly determined to achieve the look he was aiming for... I think his effort is really paying off.

Hey, maybe this actual rain we are enjoying will enhance the decayed appearance of the markers.

First William cut construction foam, then carved them with a Dremel rotary tool. Painting them has been very labor intensive, including finding the right application method, and technique, for applying the layers of time... highlights and the green mossy-growth.

Soon, he will be boring holes in the bases, to install PVC, which will act as sleeves for the pipes we will drive into the ground. Then, each marker can be slid onto the PVC in the ground, and we will have tombstones standing and steady in our All Hallow Cemetery. Add real moss, fallen leaves, fog, and nearly full, Hunter's Moon and I think we are going to have something quite chilling!

Keep up the good work, William!


test said...

Yes keep up the good work William, very impressive, it reminds me of an old graveyard I used to walk through on my way home from school.
There used to be one very old grave always with fresh flowers, and nobody knew who put them there.
Quit scary.

Unknown said...

I have just gone through over 19 years of memories...including photos and all of our Halloween Celebrations! So much fun! I still have the book you created for Day of the Dead...with all the traditions ! Do you remember that? Maria may want to see it?Missing my VanValkenbergs and all the magical times we have shared in the past. hugs, smiles, and love.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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