Monday, June 19, 2017

2017 North County Mini Maker Faire :: Two Days

Day One

It's Paul, BOoM cohort, and brother, and Mike... Mike is the man behind the brilliant AR-Duo, the Steampunk remote controlled rover, and our 2016 San Diego Maker Faire partner. Actually, we go back further than that!

After hours, Maria and I visited our booth neighbors from the City of Carlsbad. Carlsbad City Library has an Exploration Hub, with fabulous opportunities to explore more make activities, like 3D printing, sewing, and photo archiving.

Carlsbad City Library generously provided fun supplies for making out of this world father's day cards!

Day Two

Back for a closer look at the captivating Electric Art and Molten Metal exhibit. These photographs are of live-active Lichtenberg burns.

Well, if you are going to play with a fad, go with DIY... Maria loved customizing and building her own fidget spinner, with Steamy Tech, at their Kinetic Art booth.

We love Junkcade!

Visiting Two35, with Ava, and learning about their computer kits and curriculum that teach the fundamentals of computer hardware and software.

Benevolent Order of Makers had a good time and great success teaching crochet, and then we got lessons, too! This sweet and talented woman had plenty to share with us about making!

A new dress! It's wonderful what discoveries and connections can be made at a Maker Faire.

Our Paperclay tutorials and play were a big hit. Treasure had loads of fun... check out the princess she made. When her clay is dry, she can paint it with acrylic craft paints!

Hey, Gritter!

It's always a pleasure to hang out with Russel, the Electric Giraffe. Maria and I get nostalgic when we see the Electric Giraffe, since he was one of the first, and biggest inspirations for us to join the Maker movement, back at our first visit to a Maker Faire, in 2010.

Thanks to our hosts, Antique Gas and Steam Engine Museum, and the Mini Maker Faire organizers of the San Diego Makers Guild.