Monday, April 18, 2016

North County Mini Maker Faire is Coming

Another Maker Faire is coming to Southern California! Calling all Makers! And if that weren't exciting enough, this event will coincide with the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum's annual Tractor Show! The North County Mini Maker Faire will be a special exhibit of an already awesome and popular event, featuring steam engines, weaving, antique tractors and vehicles, and the fabulous blacksmithing barn.

On any given day, the Antique Gas & Steam Engine Museum is a terrific place to visit, to meet craftsmen, makers, weavers, engine, tractor, and history enthusiasts. I expect during the Mini Maker Faire and Tractor Show there will be amazing opportunities to connect with creative and enthusiastic makers, tinkerers, friends.

You do not have to be a participant to enjoy a Maker Faire. It's an affordable, interesting, and inspiring way to spend a day or two, to meet new friends, and discover what's new, or old, and how things work. Very often there are hands on activities, and opportunities to explore the latest technological advances, or the basics of making, from cooking to crafting, forging to farming.

Come celebrate!
2016 Antique Engine & Tractor Show
North County Mini Maker Faire!