Friday, May 10, 2013

Congratulations Makers!

Maker Faire, Bay Area, 2012
Kellie and Michal, Eli, Geoff, James, William and Max
Natalie, Maria, Bambi and Alex, Suki, Isaac, and Cameron, and down front... Grant!

To the Maker Club, Love and Rockets, congratulations on your appearance on the Make Blog, Love and Rockets on a Road Trip to Maker Faire. Special shout out to our Young Makers and mentors :: Geoff, Natalie, William, Grant, Alex, Suki, Eli, Tatiana, Max, Maria, James, and George, and to our newest members, Amira, Janece, and Paul. Cheers for friends who came with us to Maker Faire, who met us there, who are going again. Thanks to our supporters... you that follow our blog, who came to our mini-mini Maker Faire and Lemonade sale. Thank you Michael and Patricia for holding down the farm, when we traveled last year. A special big thank you to Ron and Delia Lyons for traveling to FIRST events, for sponsoring robotics, art, lessons, supplies, lunches, and watching our chickens!

Seriously? asks the small, jaded voice in my head. This isn't a Pulitzer, you know. Heck, it's not even a Bloggie.

Yeah! Seriously. I want to bring everyone to a Maker Faire, and I want to learn how to solder, and I want Maria to learn how to solder. I want to meet other makers, and I want to hear new ideas, and learn about the origins of inventions we've forgotten were once improbable ideas. And I want to help anyone see that we can encourage each other, inspire each other, and we can create learning, playing, tinkering, inventing, making opportunities. This stuff gets me excited.

I wear my heart on my rolled up sleeve, and I dream big, and bigger.
And I thank you, sincerely, for sharing in this journey.