Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maria :: Love and Rockets and Wool

"My name is Maria, and I am seven. I am a Young Maker from "Love and Rockets" Young Makers Club. Last summer, someone taught me how to make a bracelet from something soft and fluffy... wool! Now, I know that wool comes from sheep, and when sheep get their wool shaved, then we can use it to make all kinds of things, like toys and jewelry, and yarn for knitting. Wool batting feels soft, it even smells like sheep, and it's fun to make things with wool. I would like to show you how you can make a bracelet with wool batting."

Well, she had to shorten her description, because there is a 250 character limit. But she was sure to include "Love and Rockets, Young Makers Club!"

Maria, with some help, is filling out her application so she can demonstrate at Maker Faire!

Done! Maria's application is in, and she'll hear from the team at Maker Faire in April!


Janece said...

This is so exciting!! Yay, Maria! I know Amira & I would love to attend your demonstration! We can't wait!

ivey@durangomom said...

Maria, I can tell already that you have an awesome project going! I love those colors and am going to show this to my seven year old girl!