Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is What I Love

I love STEAM... a new acronym some bright and dedicated students taught me. STEM is a big buzz word in the media these days, and it refers to Science-Technology-Engineering-Math...
Connect a Million Minds
STEM Coalition
STEM on Wikipedia
FIRST... Robotics

STEAM is a more evolved, inclusive nod to whole learning, to the diversity that makes us stronger, brighter, smarter, cooler, and more passionate. STEAM is: Science~Technology~Engineering~Art~Math. FIRST 2102 Team Paradox is full of STEAM. I think of them as STEAM Paradox.

Maker Faire is also where I get my STEAM.

I love Maker Faire.

I love Love and Rockets~Art of Engineering, our Young Makers Club.

I love that we are going to enjoy another opportunity to visit all of the other Bay Area Young Makers Clubs, see what they have been up to since last year!

I love that we are going to see people of all ages come together to explore and share science, technology, engineering, art, and math... that it will be a hands-on experience, a happy experience!

I love that Maker Faire recognizes the many creative, and diverse skills there are for making... crafts, robots, music, innovation, performance, FIRST Robotics, photography, STEAMPunk... the list goes on and on!

I love that we made new friends, like R.O.S.E., and that we will see each other again, soon!

I love that I can have a celebrity moment with people that inspire me, like Gever Tulley. He is spreading the word about how learning really works, and taking back our right to be curious, daring, intelligent risk takers!

I love that we will see art that makes us question the values and ideas that we are subjected to... art that turns those messages around and asks us to look deeper.

I love that we will see art that is kinetic, dynamic, almost paradoxical, until you learn more, understand the relationships between forces and substances. I love that I will learn more.

I love that we are going to come home with new ideas, new plans! And also confidence and encouragement to test old plans, to move forward with ideas that have been waiting for their chance to be made into reality.

Just to hear the MondoSpider walking will make this trip worthwhile! Our movie-slide show highlights a bit of that power walk.

It is a unique and uplifting experience to be among hundreds, thousands of people that want to tinker, play, make, design, engineer, share, be engaged in what they do, and be engaged in what you do. Makes my heart and mind go boingboing with happiness.

And as members of FIRST 2102 Team Paradox Robotics we are certainly looking forward to meeting up with FIRST 1868 Space Cookies!

Will you be at Maker Faire? Are you inspired to go next year, or to find a Maker Faire, or Mini Maker Faire in your area?

You can meet artists, like Anthony Hicks.

Possibly you will learn what a Wimshurst machine is from Jake Von Slatt.

We will definitely be catching a performance or two of Arc Attack. Tesla Coils and Music... yes, and yes.

I love Maker Faire because of what I cannot expect, because of what will surprise me.

I love Maker Faire, because this year we are going to be sharing the unexpected, the science, technology, engineering, art, and math with a whole lot of friends... not too much could make it any better.

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